Freeze Dance

I was helping plan a lesson for the kids at my church and one of the games we were going to do was the ‘Freeze Dance’. The children were to dance and have fun as the music played but freeze when it was stopped. The significance of the game is to help the children remember never to take things into their own hands without first freezing and waiting for God’s guidance. And I’m thinking ‘boy, do I need this!’ What an amazing way God used to remind me to just stop, listen and then dance to the music of His leading. It’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘busyness’ of life and just go through the motions. Things must get done right?! But what about the specifics of how God would want it done? How about the strength and inspiration we actually need to get the job done? It’s all found in the ‘freezing’ as we wait on God to receive instruction, be renewed and strengthened to run the race ahead of us. Our heavenly Father is always speaking to us and has wisdom and direction that we need in every situation. Just stop and be quiet long enough to hear Him. We don’t have to be burnt out and do things out of ‘duty’ just because it must get done.

So Lord, teach us how to wait on you! To constantly run back to you to fill us with new strength and to listen to what you are actually saying about any particular situation we might be faced with. Jesus, you have all the answers and You are the answer! Thank you Lord!

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