He Calms The Raging Seas

Sometimes we just need something short and to the point to clearly show us Who God is, and what He wants from us. This post written by Precarious Yates is one of those. Use this as a cornerstone for your own study on growing closer to God.


He walks on water and calms tempests. What manner of man is this? He slept in the bow of the boat during a furious squall. He had no fear of the storm, even though His weathered companions, who had been fishermen for years, were frightened of drowning.

And one night, Jesus walked on the surface of the sea, even though the waves tossed all around Him. Why? Perhaps He wanted to show us that He’d be able to navigate the stormiest seas of our heart. And just as He called Peter out of the boat, He calls us to surf the waves of human experience alongside Him. Will you step out of the boat and walk alongside Him?

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