Jesus’ Stride

“His feet were like bronze glowing in a furnace,” Revelation 1:15.

When Jesus was on earth, He did an awful lot of walking. In one verse He’s beside the Jordan, and in another verse He’s taken His disciples to a quiet retreat in Caesarea Philippi, on the shores of the Mediterranean. That’s several days’ journey if taken by foot. He went to Jerusalem at least once a year, which was a three day hike from His home town of Nazareth. That’s a lot of walking.

Everywhere He walked He encountered people. In Samaria, it was an adulterous woman by an ancient well. In Caesarea Philippi, it was a desperate mother crying out for crumbs from His table.

And everywhere that Jesus walked, people’s lives were transformed. The lame could walk, the blind could see, the dead were raised and the poor heard the good news.

Can you just imagine the gladness in Jesus’ walk? The joy in His stride? Everywhere He walked, people encountered the most joyful man to ever step foot on the earth. The Prince of Peace brought so much peace to people’s lives as he strode through Galilee and Judea.

When He the apostle John saw Him in a vision, Jesus had feet “like bronze glowing in a furnace.” This speaks of the refining fire, the purifying fire of His holiness.

Holiness, peace, joy, gladness, power, authority, humility. There is so much goodness in every stride of Jesus Christ.

Let Him walk with you through your circumstances today. Let Him refine you and fill you with His joy. As you gaze on Him, He will take care of those impossible situations in your life.

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