Let It Go

The stones that have been thrown

From the hands that have been hid

Raging war has now ensued

Caused by nothing that you did.

Hurt runs deeper than the lowest valley

Anger peaks the highest mount

So confused by all that’s happening

With no idea how to figure it out.

But the battle is not yours

Says the Lord, it’s mine to fight

So just let go of the problems

Cause I have made everything alright.

The time and energy you have spent

Trying to do what can’t be done

Let it go and let God handle it

Cause in Him the victory has been won.

All your planning has been futile

Cause God has the ultimate plan

Your divine purpose is what matters

He holds your life in His hands.

So let go of all that’s been done

And all the things you’ve tried to do

Focus only on His promise

His true Word will see you through.

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