No Ordinary Girl

“Are you kidding me!” Sherry said with a smirk as she pointed at a dress in a magazine. “I would not be caught dead in that!”

“I totally agree.” Kelly responded with a dreamy look on her face. “I am going to look perfect in my dress at the dance this Saturday. My diet is working perfectly.”

Karen rolled her eyes and was quite frankly irritated by the conversation that surrounded her. Both Sherry and Kelly were strikingly beautiful girls with the ‘perfect body’ any girl could wish for. On the other hand, she had a rather plump figure and thick dark hair she struggled to keep in place. The only reason she was even at lunch with them was because they had been grouped to do their project work together.

Karen was having a hard time keeping their discussion focused. She was sure she would lose it if any of the girls made another obnoxious statement about weight. She clenched her teeth and took a deep breath in an attempt to stay calm.

“So do you have a date Karen?” Sherry asked with a teasing look in her eyes. Both girls knew that Karen did not have a date but found pleasure in rubbing it in.

Instead of anger rising up, Karen’s heart melted in compassion. Sherry and Kelly did not understand what true beauty was all about. She was so thankful especially now for the journey of healing and hope that God had taken her on the past few months. After years of struggling with low self- esteem and insecurity, for the first time she felt whole. A new confidence had sprung up in her. She heaved in a deep sigh of satisfaction when she remembered the verses she had been meditating on lately.

‘I have loved you with an everlasting love and drawn you with my loving kindness’… Jeremiah 31:3

‘There is No fear in Love, but Perfect Love casts out all fear’…. 1 John 4:18

‘You did not choose me but I chose you to bear the kind of fruit that lasts’….. John 15:16

Karen was confident of God’s perfect Love for her which brought so much freedom to her soul. She knew God had placed in her great treasures which would be drawn out as she walked with God. That was all that truly mattered.

“I think I need a break, maybe we could finish up later.” Karen said as she gathered her books and clutched them to her chest. “Enjoy the rest of your lunch.”

Leaving two giggling girls behind, Karen got lost in thought as she walked down the school hallway. She was forced to a stop when she suddenly bumped into someone. Her books went flying all over the place. Karen caught her breath as she stared into the face of the amazingly good-looking Kyle. She was momentarily startled and then apologised profusely.

“Oh no, it’s not your fault,” Kyle said as he helped pick up her books. ‘I should have been looking where I was going myself.”

“Thank you. Uhmmm…well, I guess I’ll see you around.” Karen said when there was an awkward silence between them.

“Wait, I didn’t know you attended Clear Creek Church. I saw you last Sunday but didn’t get a chance to say hello.”

‘Oh, well my family and I have only been there three Sundays now.” Karen was a bit surprised that Kyle was the kind of guy who went to church. She attended 2 classes with him but had never really spoken to him. She was however sure that He was popular on campus for his looks. Girls practically threw themselves at Him.

“It’s a great place for fellowship and spiritual growth. I feel like my faith has sky rocketed since I started attending there. Or maybe I’m a little biased haha.”

“That’s really nice to know.” Karen smiled and could not help blushing.

“If you’re not going to the dance with anyone yet, would you like to go with me?”

Karen’s heart burst into loud thuds, she could literally hear it in her ears. She never imagined that Kyle, the most ‘sought after guy’ in her college freshman year would be the one to ask her to the dance. She managed to contain her shock. She instead smiled and nodded.

‘Yes, I would love to.”

“Great, I will see you then.”

Karen practically danced her way to her locker as soon as Kyle was out of sight. It was not so much having Kyle for a date that made her ecstatic. Although she had to admit that topped it off, knowing how much God loved her and freely showered His goodness on her made her feel beautiful. That in itself made her extra-ordinary.

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