Sense of the Spirit

Our senses tell us many things

And on them we do rely;

In everyday situations

They help us to get by.

The members of our body

Use our senses to discern

And attend to things around us;

Through the senses we all learn.

Our senses teach us the natural,

What is simple to comprehend.

But what goes beyond our understanding

Is not for the senses to defend.

No explanation can our senses provide

For the true matters of our heart.

What’s inside we need our spirit to guide

For to the sensed, this is a world apart.

For we learn that where the heart is

There also will our treasure be;

Not the things we sense around us

But what concerns our spirituality.

Through the senses we understand

What we see, smell, taste, hear, and feel.

Through our spirit we command more

Than what we often think of as real.

With our mouths we learn to taste

And to speak in order to communicate.

Through the spirit we confess that which we believe

And we speak of it through faith.

With our eyes we identify with what we see

For without sight we can’t see through the dark.

Through the spirit we learn to see the unseen,

In which the light always searches the heart.

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