Supernatural Promise

1 John 2:25

And this is the promise that He has promised us – eternal life.

I am embarking into the world of explaining promises to a four year old.  On one hand, this seems so cut and dry, on the other, so very hard.  I am sure to follow through with anything I use the word “promise” with, attempting to show a sterling example of how to keep a promise.  Sometimes I get asked for one.  “Momma, will you promise not to get mad?”  This, of course, always preludes finding out exactly which toy was broken during rough play.

My son is also learning to make promises.  I try to show him what you say you will do, is simply what you do, no matter what.  Breaking a promise, I personally feel, is one of the most hurtful things a loved one or friend can do to me. A promise is your word, your bond and if there is any way possible, it should be kept.  My son’s favorite promise right now is, “Momma, I promise to be very good in the store.  May I please have a piece of candy?”  If he believes there is a wonderful reward at the end of the promise, he tries ever so hard to keep it.

This makes me think of our wonderful Father in Heaven.

Our Father is teaching us His promises and what they mean to us.  No matter what or who may let us down, our Father will never drop us.  He tells us the amazing things He will do for us and in our lives, and, He simply does that very thing.  We may not always see the answer to the promise in the way we would like, but it is always the way it should be.

Like my young son, we often ask for a promise from God.  “Father, will you promise not to punish me for that anger, lie, hurtful word and many other sins we are capable of.”  We are also so good at making promises to God.  “God, I promise not to swear again.”  “God, I promise to not drink again.”  And the list goes on with each of us.  Thankfully, our Father loves us so very much.  He knows we are sinners and He forgives us our sins.  He just wants to gather all His children in His loving arms.  We can promise our very best to God.  He knows how hard it is to break a bad habit or, in some cases, a debilitating addiction.  He knows.  And He promises to love us anyway.  How many people can we say we have made that promise to?

If we believe there is a wonderful reward at the end of God’s promise, shouldn’t we try ever so hard to keep His Word and accept His Son so we may receive it?

Our Wonderful and Amazing Father has made us the most special promise He ever could – eternal life.

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