The Low Valley

Psalm 24:4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow, I will fear no evil; for You are with me;


Have you ever woken up one morning feeling down and not really understanding how you came to feel that way?  Or, you wake up to realize you have caught that dreaded cold from your neighbor you have been ducking the past several weeks.  Suddenly, you are tired, depressed and do not know how to overcome it all.

You think back to just last week and how you were on top of the world.  It felt amazing!  The joy of the Lord was filling your heart and soul and you could shout it from the rooftops!  Wow!  You glowed with happiness and had a smile in your heart and on your face for everyone you met.  How confident you were that there was no way you were losing this feeling!  You could overcome every obstacle which came your way and nothing was going to stop you!

The thing is, as soon as you scaled that mountain and was joyfully standing on top waving the fist of victory, someone else was already lining up the rocks to put in your path.  That someone is Satan.  He cannot abide any of God’s children experiencing joy in God.

He starts with the small things you won’t notice as quickly.  The person at work who always knows which buttons to push and exactly what to say to irritate you.  You brush them off and even though there is a stumble of the song in your heart, you keep singing.  So, you stop at the store on the way home only to find they are out of half of what you needed for supper.  Ok, so the song skips a little more but you keep humming.  A cart drifted into the side of your car and left a huge scratch.  The big truck sprays your windshield with dirty water and you find you are out of windshield washer fluid.  Your gas light comes on after you pass the last gas station.  You get the point.  You slam your door behind you and breathe a sigh of relief to just be home.

The next morning you awaken to a heavy heart.  The act of just getting out of bed takes every effort you can put forth.  What happened??  The devil.  He threw that first small stone, then a larger one, then when you weren’t looking, a little one again.  Every time you felt that frustration, you were stubbing your toe on his rock.  Soon, all the rocks added up to one huge stumbling block in your path.  Your walk with God slowed as the joy drained from you.  Before you realized what had happened, you could not feel it any longer.

God knew.  He knew before you felt that wonderful top of the mountain what would come.  He knew how hard it would be to keep those wonderful feelings.  He tries to prepare us and warn us to keep our eyes on Him, to renew our spirits in Him.  Those are the only ways to overcome the world and the devil’s attempts to make us of the world.  But God gives us the weapon to use to help us when we are in the low valley.  Prayer and God’s Word.  He loves us so dearly and is always there with us in that valley even when we are too busy looking at the rocks rolling our way to see Him.  Just keep your eyes on God above and you will find as the rock rolls toward us, God will lift us over the rock and it will roll on by.  How wonderful is our Lord!  How abiding is His strength!

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