The Perfect Bride

Sharon walked into the church as quietly as possible and sat at the back. She had made sure she was a tad bit late so she could walk in and out totally unnoticed. But anyone who knew her would know that this was impossible. Sharon was a strikingly beautiful woman with distinct features that always made heads turn. With long dark hair and uniquely captivating eyes, something about her always made one’s gaze linger just a little bit longer. That day she felt broken and like her whole world had just shattered right in her face. Her husband of 5 years whom she had done her best to love, had announced to her the night before that he was in love with another woman and was leaving her. She had been the ‘classic model wife’, cleaning, cooking, waiting upon him and submissive to him, but this had not stopped him. She desperately wanted to understand how this could be that the beauty that she had so freely offered him be violated. Her heart was desperately aching and she was at a loss for words. As she sat with her head bowed low and the singing went on, she let her tears flow freely down her face as she felt violent unrelenting shivers run through her entire being. She had resolved with all her might to try and keep herself together but the desperation she was in was making it almost impossible to do this. She needed to feel some relief from all the anger, bitterness and hurt that had kept her awake all night. The feelings of despair and failure as a woman seemed to intensify with each passing moment. She had nowhere else to run but here~ in the presence of Jesus, the lover of her soul. As her sobs became uncontrollably louder, she suddenly let loose and allowed her soul to be vulnerable. Like a rushing wind she felt the strong presence of God sweep over her and she became suddenly unaware of her surroundings. It was as if God had singled her out and right in front of her was a vision of Jesus. He gently lifted up her chin until her eyes were fixed on His. Sharon felt more shivers down her spine but this time of a different kind. Oh the beauty and Grace in His eyes! She felt His fiery Love burn deep to the depth of her soul as she fixed deeper into His eyes. Compassion and understanding were written in them. As she closely gazed in, she could almost see herself in Him. A beautiful bride, unbroken, whole and perfect in every way! That was how He saw her?! Her heart beat faster at the thought. And all these years she had tried to measure up! Never feeling good enough and never wanting to give all of herself because she felt she had too many flaws. The reality and truth that stared back at her awakened a burning fiery passion to become what she saw! His passionate Love seemed to melt away every ugly emotion and lie that had tormented her soul.

“I saw you…I noticed you, You are mine. You could not hide from me even in the midst of the crowd,” the sound of his voice was like the calming waves of a gentle ocean.

She felt her heart come alive as He continued to speak. She took in every word as if her next breath depended on it.

“Do not fear…I have redeemed you and called you by name. You are mine. You are precious and honoured in my sight because I have loved you! You are as a crown of splendour in my hand~ No longer deserted! I am your husband. You, my perfect bride, I have loved with an everlasting love!”

Sharon felt overwhelmed by the Love and acceptance she felt. This was where she came alive~ in the presence of her King! Everything else faded and became like shadows in the light of His Love. She felt she could make it! She could heal from her brokenness and walk in the freedom that Jesus offered her. All she had to do was keep her gaze on Him and keep walking towards him! What she beheld, she would become! Beholding the beauty of His Glory! Keeping her eyes fixed on the author and finisher of her faith, she would be able to conquer anything with His strength being perfected even in her weakness.

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