Tomorrow Never Got the Memo


We all probably remember the airliner that crashed short of the runway at DFW in the late ’80’s. In the midst of a rainstorm, a microburst caused an airliner to lose its lift and come down on Hwy 114, which runs on the northern edge of the airport. A lot of people lost their lives in that incident, but not only on the airliner. When the airliner came down it was rush hour and as there usually is at that time, the traffic was stopped, bumper-to-bumper and a woman lost her life just driving home that day when the airliner crushed her car. I’m sure that the passengers, experiencing a bumpy ride as they were coming in may have thought that they were very close to landing and maybe were already breathing a sigh of relief. The woman, sitting in traffic may have looked out her window and said, “I’m sure glad I’m not flying today, or You’ll never get me on one of those planes!”

None of the victims thought it was their last day. After all, it wasn’t in their plans. We all plan and set goals for the future. However, tomorrow never sits in our planning sessions. Tomorrow never gets a memo on the future plans we make. Tomorrow has its own plans and likewise, does not share them with us. I once saw a sign on church that said, “Plan ahead; it wasn’t raining when Noah started to build the ark.” Praying is a Christian’s way of planning ahead. After all, we are talking to the only one who controls tomorrow. We need to believe with strength and conviction that God is in control and that his will is best for us and everyone else. We need to make sure sin is not hindering our prayers. God wants to hear from his beloved children. And finally, we need to pray like our lives are depending on it. After all, it does.

Kenneth Morvant Minister and Christian sci-fi author (author’s page)




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