Ways To Serve God

There are many ways to serve God. It all depends on what skills you have. Whether you are athletic, good with electronics repair, good with programming, good at writing, good at singing, or good at any other thing, you can use it to serve God. God gives us all talents, some of us with more than one talent. We should use our talents to glorify God and further His kingdom.

If you are athletic, whether popular in your home, school, country, or worldwide, you can use your skill to glorify God. It is not wrong to be good at a sport, and be confident within that sport. It does become wrong when you become prideful about it, as with all things you may become prideful with. Let’s look at Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow is a very athletic person, and even made it to play football in the NFL. The thing that separates him from most athletes, however, is due to the fact that he constantly shows his faith in God. He glorifies God with the way he plays, and with the way he acts off the field. If you are good at programming (web design, game design, software design, etc.), then you should use your programming skills to build websites, games, software, or other things to glorify God. You may be a good singer. If you are a good singer/songwriter, then write songs that glorify God. There is a need for Christian music in all genres including rap, rock, pop, and others. You may be good at writing. There is much need for Christian literature. Whether it is poems, devotions, short stories, books, or other types of written material, you can write it to please God. Another skill possibility that is not often praised is the ability to communicate with people. You may be a good speaker, or good at talking to people and making them feel welcome. This is an area much needed, for if someone does not feel welcome, or feels they are not wanted, then they will try to get away from you making it harder for you to show them their need of Christ.

Listed above are several examples of using your skills to glorify God. There are numerous types of skills, but all should be used to glorify God. Whether your skill is listed above or not, it is not hard to find a way of using your skill to glorify God. If there is no way of glorifying God with your skill (ex. Stealing without being caught), then that is not the skill God has for you, and you need to explore other skills to find what God has granted you. Overall, do not lose hope. Do not be afraid to try new things, because you never know when God might decide to use you through something new you learn.

Look at some more specific ways you can serve Him. You can help your elderly neighbor with taking out their garbage, or mowing their lawn. You can volunteer at church or public events to help serve people. You can feed the homeless and give them clothes, or you can visit prisoners and show them Christ’s love which they need so badly (read Matthew 25:34-40).

The Bible is clear in many things, especially in the subject of serving God. Faith is dead without good deeds (James 2:14-16). Because faith is dead without serving God, you should see how important it is to serve Him.

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